My Current Read: Hamilton

After seeing “Hamilton” last month, I learned that Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music and lyrics were inspired by this biography by Ron Chernow.

The book is lengthy at 800 pages compared to my usual mysteries and thrillers. Borrowing the ebook from my library —an option I use frequently—wasn’t going to work within the allowed timeframe. I am now the proud owner of a surprise copy, thanks to my husband. It will make a nice addition to my bookshelves when I finish it.

When I read non-fiction it’s usually history or a biography so this book calls to me on both counts. I’m enjoying it and have been surprised that it does not read like an academic text as I expected.

Lastly, if you have a chance to see “Hamilton”, don’t miss it. If you’ve seen the production or have read Chernow’s book, please share your thoughts.

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