What are YOU Reading? How do YOU choose?

How do you decide what to read? Has your tbr list blasted through the roof as mine has? So many books, so little time, right?

January is coming to a close and there’s been a shift in my reading choices this month from my usual fiction—thrillers and mysteries—to non-fiction. The shift began with Hamilton by Ron Chernow after seeing the musical last month. It’s an amazing biography that I’ll break up reading over a period of time.

When a memoir workshop was postponed earlier this month, I read Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir for some individual study. This short, concise book was written by an academic but doesn’t read as such. It is an easy read, detailed and informative and will be a good resource should I venture into non-fiction writing. Also, thanks to Karr, I added several more volumes—memoirs she recommends—to my non-fiction list.

A conversation with my husband led me to a new author, Edward Abbey. My current read is Desert Solitude, written in 1966. Dave enjoyed reading Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang in college and Abbey’s work sounded fascinating. Abbey blends a profound appreciation for remote wilderness areas with an ardent view of respecting unspoiled landscapes. More to come on this.

However long this non-fiction vein lasts, I’ve enjoyed the change more than I would have thought. ‘Change is good’ is a great way to start the new year, at least in my reading choices.

Happy Reading!

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