Spinning Circles: the Lament of an Indie Author

This is pretty much how I feel right now, like I’m spinning circles. Between attempting to finish the first draft of my fourth novel, participating in back-to-back book events (wonderful to be able to do them again, truly grateful, but I’m exhausted), and the constant list of tasks required of an indie author that don’t include writing, I’m boggled!

Plus, my TBR pile is loaded and keeps growing and I want to enjoy them all!

Then there’s the normal chores required to keep a home functioning (where are the dusting fairies and the sweeping mice when you need them?).

Once upon a time, I produced well under pressure, but not so much anymore. “Onward and upward!” was my creed. My current goal is to keep trying for onward (no choice about that really) and merely stay afloat.

I remind myself that the past two years have been stressful to say the very least and tragic in many ways so not a good basis for formulating opinions about self motivations. Aside from being a major worry wart, I focus on being grateful I’m healthy enough to do what I love.

Thanks to my sweet granddaughter for the video. So grateful for FaceTime ♥️♥️♥️

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