Ten Ways to Help an Indie Author with Marketing:

Reviews are helpful, but not everyone wants to leave them.

Reviews are an essential piece of marketing for authors, especially indie authors, but there are other ways to help with getting the word out about publications. Below is a short list of ideas —including posting reviews:

Buy their book. Indie authors appreciate every sale — and they enjoy hearing from readers.

Order their book from a bookstore—you’ll do both the author and the bookseller a favor. Bookstores suffer as online sales dominate the industry.

Buy their book as a gift for someone. What better gift is there for a book lover? You may help them discover their next favorite author.

Ask your library to purchase their book. Libraries make books available to the broadest range of readers.

Tell your friends about their book. Word of mouth recommendations are priceless.

Post honest reviews of the book on major retail sites and Goodreads. There’s no denying the impact of reviews on readers’ choices. It’s huge.

Mention the book on social media or share posts from the author. Very helpful and greatly appreciated.

Like or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, website or blog page—or all of the above.

Nominate the book for your book club. Invite local authors to speak to your club. Trust me, they would be honored.

Face the book out in bookstores. Exposure is awesome.

… if you already do any of these things, thank you so very much! Keep reading!

2 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Help an Indie Author with Marketing:”

    1. Thank you for your comment 😊 The marketing side is exhausting. There are so many tasks to stay on top of —they keep me writing. Balance is the key to avoid frustration. I remind myself those marketing and organizational tasks are important! Connecting with readers make it all worth it.


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