Happy Birthday, Will 🎂

William Shakespeare was (most likely) born on this day in 1564. I won’t go on ad nauseam about the man, about the plays, the sonnets, the rise from humble beginnings or the multitude of added words, idioms and expressions the English language owes to the Bard.

I can’t offer any fresh praise or appreciation worthy of the Master’s memory. I’ll just say that his canon of work has entertained us and enriched our culture for centuries and continues to do so in our current disparate time.

I’ve read many books on the authorship question and I hold fast to the “Stratfordist” belief that WS did, indeed write the works attributed to him. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

Thanks to Grammarly. com for the perfect Hokey Pokey tribute aka Mr. Shakespeare. Enjoy.

Read a few sonnets today, see a play or watch a Kenneth Branagh production of one or two of them as there are so many excellent ones from which to choose. Happy birthday, Will.

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