Stay Tuned—fourth novel in the works; planning Fall 2022 release!

I am thrilled to announce that my fourth novel is in the capable hands of beta readers. I’ve carefully selected this handful of individuals because of their expertise in a variety of subjects and I trust them to give me their unabashed feedback.

In addition to the betas, Matt Love with Nestucca Spit Press, editor of books two and three of the City Streets trilogy, has been contacted to serve as editor for the new novel. I’m fortunate to rely on his skill as an editor, but also on Matt’s love and respect for the craft of fiction writing.

A completely different story than the series of mysteries I’ve already published, the new one is dark and suspenseful. The cast of characters are all new to me, of course, and I love them all. Well, most of them anyway.

Here’s a quick sneak into the story: the main character’s life was rough even before she learned she was dying. Her illness was not only caused by greed, but was preventable. Instead of seeking restitution in the time she has left, she wants revenge.

I’ll keep you all posted with more info as I move closer to publication and release. Thanks so much for your continued support!

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