Book Mail: notes from the editor

Well… there’s ‘book mail’ then there’s ‘BOOK MAIL’ 😆 Received manuscript from Matt, my editor on Friday with edit notes for “Swan Song”, my fourth novel — a thriller this time.

Phone conference planned for Sunday morning to discuss his notes, my thoughts and moving forward.

I may actually get this one published after all. Two month off schedule, but not bad considering my life these days. Big hurrahs to my awesome beta readers—Cheryl, Lynn, TK and Markus!

Swan Song ~ a quick overview

Mara Cordovan’s life was rough even before she learned she was dying. Her death sentence was caused by exposure to chemicals in the workplace. Corporate greed was to blame —and her demise could have been prevented. With nothing left to lose, she decides against seeking restitution in the time she has left. Instead, Mara wants revenge.

#swansongthenovel #indieauthors #novels #thrillers

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