Ten-minute Writing Prompt: If I were dictator of the world, I would…

…abolish snobbery and outlaw meanness. Rudeness would be subject to fine and bullies would have their mouth taped shut with duck tape and be ignored until they agreed to group therapy.

Random acts of kindness would be applauded. Food insecurity would be eradicated and health care would be compassionate and universal. People would identify with rainbows and there would be no color lines or barriers. No one would worry about who you love and would just be happy that you love someone.

Patience would not be a virtue because it would be unnecessary and we wouldn’t pray for it because we know where that leads.

The golden rule would be honored and expanded to the platinum rule — do unto others as you would have them do unto others.

Older people would, once again, as in olden times, be revered for their wisdom and experience.

The most important things in our lives would never be what we wear, the size of our homes, or the balance of our bank account.

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