Grab Your Copy! Download ebooks for 99c thru Dec 31!

THREE MORE DAYS to download Runaway, Veteran and Gutter Punk for ONLY 99c EACH!
Grab a murder mystery set in the Pacific NW and settle in for an end of year or New Years Day read.
Available on AppleBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and of course Amazon 😝

~ Runaway, Book 1 99c
A runaway is found dead in an alley. Who is she? Why is she on the streets? Investigators Jordan and Connors pursue a killer and uncover deceit, lies and exploitation.

~Veteran, Book 2 99c
A Gulf War Veteran, haunted by his past, is accused of a vicious crime. Why does he not come to his own defense? Jordan and Connors believe in his innocence—but will they be able to prove it?

~Gutter Punk, Book 3 99c
A suspect from Lieutenant Jordan’s past threatens to expose a devastating secret. When she’s thrown into the dicey world of street kids, will they trust her to find a killer in their midst?

*Special Note: i’m currently in a pricing scuffle with the BIG BAD AMZN b/c the retailer is featuring a “resale” softcover copy of Gutter Punk for $51 (I set the retail price at $17). I’ve discussed this with AMZN. They don’t give a crap b/c they don’t have to give a crap. Have any of my indie author friends had a similar issue?

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