“Swan Song” now LIVE on Kindle for 99c

Amazon/Kindle has joined AppleBooks, Kobo, Barnes&Noble Nook and other digital booksellers offering Swan Song for 99c. Grab your e-copy now at this great price!

If you purchase & download Swan Song for 99c, I thank you! If you invest your valuable time reading it, I am honored. If you would leave an honest review, I will be most grateful.

Swan Song: Mara Cordovan’s life had been rough even before she learned she was dying. Her death sentence was caused by chemical exposure in the workplace. Corporate greed was to blame —and her demise could have been prevented. With nothing left to lose, she decides against seeking restitution in the time she has left. Instead, Mara wants revenge.

A short excerpt: “What did I want to do, see, accomplish before I was finished here? How did I want to leave this earthly plane? How would I leave my affairs, as they say? In order? In utter disarray? My thoughts drifted to swans. Folklore says they sing beautiful songs before they die, sort of a last hurrah. I wanted to sing a song too, my own last hurrah.”

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