Runaway in softcover now available on Amazon

So excited to offer Runaway in softcover and plan to have Veteran and Gutter Punk in print soon.

Completing manuscripts and formatting into ebooks is a task full of …let’s call them learning opportunities. Moving on to offer print versions of the crime mysteries is another huge undertaking for an indie author such as myself. Runaway is now available in softcover on Amazon. The novel is also available to booksellers through Ingram. I hope to have Veteran and Gutter Punk available in print by late Spring. For helping me get to this point, I owe a big thank you to Rey at Rey designed the front covers for the three ebooks and I instantly loved each of them. When I decided to look into various options for print versions, Rey created the back covers and spines as a favor to me. My husband Dave deserves a medal for surviving all my perfectionist tendencies as he provided tech support. And of course, THANK YOU to all of you who purchase, read and review one or two of the novels—or even the whole series. I appreciate your support more than I can say.

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