Veteran Available in Softcover May 1st

Veteran, Book 2 of the City Streets series is available in softcover starting tomorrow, May 1st. You don’t want to miss it because someone you know may have a character named for them.

Four characters in Veteran are named after real people. Do you know one or more of them? Cheryl Hamilton and Suzanne Bridgeforth were the winners of a raffle at a book event and for prizes I created characters based on them. Cheryl appears as my murder victim’s boss and Suzanne’s character is a probation officer.

My superior court judge is named for Clayton McCarthy, a family friend. I love this no-nonsense character and the roll-off-the-tongue name is perfect.

A dinner scene takes place at Vancouver’s UnderBar, where owner Kurt makes a cameo appearance as our host, charming as always.

Veteran is available on Amazon in softcover or ask your favorite bookseller to place an order with Ingram. In fact, ask them to order a few copies—and copies of Runaway too.

And as always, reviews on Amazon or Goodreads & shares on Facebook & IG are encouraged and much appreciated.

The City Streets Series: a murdered runaway, a wrongly-accused veteran and the dicey world of streets punks. Be careful. It’s rough on these streets.

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