Ten Things to Know About Me

1. I was the youngest of ten.

2. I have a BA in Social Sciences. I majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology.

3. I worked in early learning and for non-profit support programs for many years, from classroom to management. My early learning hero is Magda Gerber. Google her.

4. I’ve written and published three books—actually four. I re-published the first after deciding it would begin a series. It was re-edited, renamed and given a new cover.

5. I’ve begun outlining a new novel, a thriller. Someday I may write a mystery about a murder on a golf course.

6. I studied piano for five years as an adult and tried to play acoustic guitar as a teen. I had always wanted to learn an instrument. Taking piano lessons myself was a good way to encourage my kids to practice.

7. I am a classic rock music fanatic. Ask me anything.

8. Fav genres are crime fiction and classics. Fav authors include Ken Follett, PD James, Jonathan Kellerman, Sue Grafton, Austen, the Brontes, Hardy, Dumas, Stevenson and my idol, the incredible social commentator Charles Dickens.

9. Dave and I are avid golfers. We live in sunny, warm Arizona now after having lived in the rainy, cool Pacific NW most of our lives.

10. Fav food is almost any seafood —except oysters, chopped salad, curry with rice, homemade salsa. My coffee is strong, fresh and hot and I prefer it perked or pressed. I like Scottish-style Red Ales and Hefeweizens. And I do like a Gold Margarita on the rocks.

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