Lifting the Covid Fog : a Tale of Two Lost Weeks

If you wondered what happened to me lately here’s the scoop: I’ve been sick with Covid. After two and a half years of caution and three vaccines, it (probably Omicron) finally got us.

If you have had Covid I’m so sorry you had to deal with this. If you’ve had Covid and had mild symptoms or were asymptomatic, I’m thrilled for you. If you escaped it so far — as I thought I had — don’t get it! In my experience, Covid sucks!

I missed many things or had events get away from me while I was ill with Covid:

*Coffee —only wanted green tea. *Adult beverages—no way; sounded awful. *Most meals—no appetite. *Father’s Day. *Summer Solstice. *My short story entitled, “Prep Work” was one of six to be selected by Riversong Books for publication in a collection. I was thrilled to receive the news but too sick to appreciate it fully. *Received feedback from the last of my beta readers for my soon-to-be-completed fourth novel entitled, “Swan Song” but was too foggy headed to handle re-writes. *Couldn’t read for two weeks due to headache and vertigo. I’m so far behind in the tbr list now but at least I can read again. *I had just purchased a new lap top and barely had a chance to power it up before I got sick. *I missed two bi-monthly meetings with my local writers’ group, Write On…

However, I didn’t have a fever. I had no issues with taste or smell. Most important, I’m getting over being sick. I’m fortunate to have not been hit harder. If you experienced a bout of Covid, and you’re comfortable sharing, please let me know how you’re doing.

I’ll be in touch soon with updates on the new novel, “Swan Song”. As always, you can make my day by reading one of my novels and posting a review or rating. Plus — don’t miss the short stories posted here on my blog.

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