Short Story selected for Riversong Books Collection

Happy Friday! I hope you have a fun summer weekend planned.

I have news to share! My short story “Prep Work” was selected by Riversong Books — a division of Sulis International Press—for their collection of the best short stories of 2022. A coming-of-age story set in the 1970s, “Prep Work” involves a teenaged girl, her relationship with her grandmother, and how past and present mingle together over a craft project.

It’s exciting to have the story included and I look forward to reading stories submitted by the other five winners. One of the five is Markus McDowell, author of “The Sky Over Chaos” and “Mortals As They Walk”. Markus served as one of four beta readers for my soon-to-be-completed fourth novel entitled “Swan Song”. He’s a talented author and editor and I enjoy his work.

“Swan Song” is a novel of impending death and revenge and I plan to release the book in Fall of 2022. As these new releases move closer to publication, I’ll post updates.

Thanks and keep reading indie authors! As always, thanks for posting reviews. *Reviews and ratings are the best way to help indie authors spread the news about their work.

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